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Higher Education Enrollment Data Business Rules

This report includes fall enrollment counts reported to the New York State Education Department (NYSED) by degree granting institutions of higher education in New York State (NYS). These data are collected in the IRS Data Exchange (IDEx). The reporting period for this data is fall enrollment counts as of the institution's official fall reporting date or October 15.

Data are provided at the individual institution level as well as aggregated up to the County and State level. County data is an aggregate of those institutions which reside in that County. State data is an aggregate of all institutions. For the County and State aggregations, data are further aggregated by Public or Private institutions, Sector (SUNY, CUNY, Independent, and Proprietary), and 2-year or 4-year/Grad institutions.

Counts are broken down by gender as well as race and ethnicity. These data are further split by Full-time and Part-time status of Undergraduates and Graduates. Graduate counts include students identified as First-Professional. Undergraduate data is also broken out by Degree/certificate-seeking students (First-time, Transfer-in, or Continuing/returning) and those which are Non-degree/non-certificate-seeking.

These counts include all students enrolled for credit (enrolled in instructional activity, courses, or programs, that can be applied towards the requirements for a postsecondary degree, diploma, certificate, or other recognized postsecondary credential), regardless of whether or not they are seeking a degree or certificate. This includes: