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4 Year Outcome as of August 2023

Graduation Rate Data are reported for a 9th grade cohort, as of the 4th year of high school - August. The “Filter this data” function, below, provides the ability to display Graduation Rate Data of high school as of the 4th year - June, the 5th year - June and August, and the 6th year - June and August. For school years prior to 2018-19, 5th year - August and 6th year - August are not available.

Data is reported by educational institutions to the State Education Department throughout the school year and available for verification by districts until the close of the state data warehouse in August. District superintendents certify data is accurate in September. For the most updated information, please contact the school district.

Complete information on the types of diploma credentials, which can be earned and the criteria for each, see: Diploma Requirements.
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