This report shows counts of students who self-identified as having one or more disability, by category and sub-category of their disability and by type of program they were enrolled in (Occupationally-Specific or other Degree-Credit). Also included are the number of staff whose primary responsibilities includes supporting students with disabilities. The count of students with a print disability was added as part of the 2017-18 collection. These numbers are as reported by Institutions of Higher Education in New York State.
Glossary of Terms

Category of Disability Occupationally-Specific Programs Other Degree-Credit Programs
Neurodevelopmental 57 841
Sensory 393 763
Mental Health 24 312
Physical 14 241
Intersystem 7 56
Temporary Disabilities 0 57
Unduplicated Total
In this section identified students were only counted once.
412 1,660
Students with Multiple Disabilities
In this section students are included in the count if they were reported in more than one disability category, excluding the mobility category.
63 508
Print Disability
Count of students with barriers to accessing instructional materials requiring readers, note takers, and/or materials in alternate format. 0
Disability/Accessibility Office* Staff
Position FT PT FTE
Professional staff (e.g., reviewing documentation and determining disability accommodations, arranging and/or providing accommodations) 5.00 0.00 2.92
Administrative support staff for Access Office* 4.00 0.00 3.15
Assistive technology staff (e.g., alternate media conversion, helping students and/or faculty with assistive technology selection and use, setting up remote captioning in the classroom, etc.) 2.00 0.00 0.94
Accommodated testing coordination and support staff 2.00 0.00 1.46
Interpreters/Captionists 187.00 20.00 166.68
Specialized program staff (e.g., ASD or LD programs) 2.00 21.00 4.68
Paid temporary staff (e.g., graduate/undergraduate students, temps) 0.00 469.00 29.31
Unduplicated Total (count each person once if split among above positions) 198.00 510.00 209.14

* The office or person that has been designated by the institution to determine eligibility for services and ensure equitable access for students with disabilities, as required by federal law.